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Four Professionals Who Can Provide Help for Rehab to Addicts

When it comes to addiction, recovery, and life-long sobriety, there are many ways that a sufferer of substance abuse-related issues could be helped, the best of which tend to come from professionals in the field. Better Addiction Care understands that to find help for rehab, you need to knoaw where to look. 

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But with addiction getting muddier each day, it can become harder for those in the worst situations to get the help they need. To search for professional help for rehab, and maybe even some help from professionals in different but related fields, our team has made this quick overview of four professionals. You are likely to rely on one of these four professionals to be in your corner, even during the worst times.

Our team provides a host of resources online for free. Everything from our addiction treatment guide to our drug rehab directory is made available to all in need. We take pride in the ability to provide insights to those who need them most.

Seeking Rehab Help From Professionals

Our team specializes in providing free resources that provide information regarding addiction and a way for sufferers of substance abuse to get in touch with the best alcohol and drug abuse treatment facilities. As such, we know the value of being in touch with professional help. One way or another, using these professionals who have worked in the healthcare industry to find help for rehab needs is important. Though these professionals may not specialize in substance abuse rehabilitation and treatment, addiction affects all aspects of health, and they should tackle it with this information in mind. Along with the professionals we would like to recommend, found below, we would also like to note the importance of verifying that insurance for addiction treatment is a part of your plan. You can verify this importance with our team through one of our many resources or by simply speaking to the appropriate professionals about if your plan covers rehabilitation help. 

Who Are These Rehab Professionals?

Now that you understand why professionals need to provide help for rehab when you are trying to make old and long-lasting habits a thing of the past, which of them can be of assistance? Our team presents the following professions as places where you will find assistance, perhaps even when you are not necessarily looking for it. 

Medical Professionals Providing Medical Drug Rehab Help

While help from other medical professionals may seem out of place, it’s a surprisingly common source of help for struggling substance abusers. People like your primary care physician, optometrist, and even your dentist, are very likely to see signs of your addiction in your physical health. In most cases, when a physician sees some alarming signs that you may be abusing drugs regularly, they will offer you facts, information, sources for help, and recommendations for how to maintain your health instead of letting it decline rapidly due to drug use.

It should be mentioned, however, that your primary care physician is not the same as a drug treatment center. While these types of doctors are professionals who can assist drug addicts, they are not a replacement for a medical detox combined with treatment. They are, however, great sources of information and a physical diagnosis. Always be honest with your physician and ask for help if needed.

What Addiction Counselors Can Do to Help

Counselors and therapists are well-trained in dealing with emotional disorders, brain disorders, and social disorders. Many of these types of issues can be caused or linked to drug abuse and addiction in general. When you couple this with the numerous types of underlying causes of addiction, usually emotional causes, you have an extremely well-trained professional who can assist drug addicts.

Therapists and counselors are great for people who have trouble expressing themselves to others or for people who do not have a full support system they can rely on when they are struggling with addiction. Therapists have eager ears and a sane backboard for your thoughts, struggles, and emotional hurdles. 

We highly recommend that anyone who has completed programs at drug treatment centers, or even just a medical detox, seek out some form of counselor or therapist for post-treatment. They have proven time and time again to be an effective way to prevent relapses in recovery.

Assistance From an Addiction Psychologist

Commonly confused for a therapist, psychologists are more focused on the medication aspect of treating patients with mental health illnesses, of which addiction is included. A psychologist can be an extremely powerful component of a recovering addict’s support system when used in conjunction with a therapist.

Numerous recovering addicts find themselves suffering from different mental health illnesses, either because of their addiction or, in some cases, that helped facilitate their addiction. Having the proper medication in conjunction with regular therapy sessions can help fight mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, help create a healthier lifestyle, and, overall, better mental health for the recovering addict. This can help ensure a successful recovery.

Emergency Room Treatment for Drug Overdose and Further Help

While physicians and counselors are no doubt some of the best professionals who can assist drug addicts, the emergency room staff is constantly standing at the front lines of the fight against addiction.

As unfortunate as it is, the emergency room is often the first time many drug addicts ever hear recommendations for drug treatment centers or advice if they believe they have a drug problem. This is largely due to the ever-increasing number of overdoses due to addiction and drug abuse. This is also impacted by the number of other health-related problems that can arise from addiction.

For many, the emergency room is their first experience with that “rock bottom” feeling that comes with addiction. Emergency room staff not only help point the addict toward sobriety but literally help save their life during worst-case scenarios.

If you are searching for help for rehab care, it is important to speak to one of, if not all, the professionals listed above. They are experts in all things related to healthcare, both mental and physical, and can properly inform and help you along your journey.

If you feel that you are ready to seek treatment but do not know where to start the process, our team is here to help with free resources that can be conveniently accessed online. 

Resources for Finding Professional Rehab Help

If you feel that you are ready to start the process of becoming a healthier, happier, and sober person but do not know where to find the best rehab centers in your area, be sure to make use of our national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities. When combined with our addiction treatment blog, covering various topics related to the recovery process, you’re sure to be well-informed as you seek rehabilitation.

Do you have any questions regarding our services or how what our team offers can get you onto the path toward sobriety? Be sure to call our professionals and speak with our expert treatment resource providers today.


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