Why Addicts Need Rehab

The Bottom Line is This: Achieving Long Term Recovery Is Why Addicts Need Rehab

A lot of people refuse to face they fact they have become dependent on their prescription pain pills. Other people know they are addicted, but they are afraid of the consequences if they admit it. Individuals who obtain drugs illegally do so because they are addicted. All of these people need drug rehab if they are to survive the ravages being inflicted on their bodies and minds.

Why Addicts Need Rehab

The need for rehab is the same whether a person is addicted to legally obtained prescription drugs or illicitly obtained street drugs. It is estimated over 22 million Americans suffer from drug and alcohol abuse and are in need of treatment, but only one-percent seek help. If you recognize the signs of substance abuse in yourself or a loved, don’t put off getting help.

The following signs indicate your life is being affected negatively by substance abuse and it’s time to take action before your body and mind suffer long-term consequences. Here are some reasons why addicts need rehab.

  • If you have driven a car after drinking, smoking pot, or getting high on any drug, you are a danger to yourself, others in your vehicle, and to everyone traveling on the same roadways. If you are willing to place people’s lives at risk, you need to get into rehab.
  • If you are experiencing medical issues related to your substance abuse, they may be permanent or life-threatening. Damage to the heart, lungs, liver, and brain are serious consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. You are exposing yourself to hepatitis C and HIV if you are injecting drugs with non-sterile needles. You need to get into rehab.
  • If you are engaging in illegal activities to obtain drugs, you could be arrested and jailed. Stealing drugs belonging to others, stealing money, writing false prescriptions, and doctor shopping are all illegal actions. If you have considered doing anything illegal, you need to get into rehab.

Drug Rehab Facilities

The best drug rehab facilities provide patients with medical detox supervised by doctors and psychiatrists. Many times there is a co-occurring disorder that requires both medical and psychiatric care for the individual. Modern rehab programs include both traditional and alternative therapies to provide the patient with a holistic approach to healing body, mind, and spirit. Biofeedback, yoga, meditation, art, horseback riding, exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic are some of the alternative therapies you will find at today’s advance drug treatment centers.

Better Addiction Care (BAC) offers a free referral service and will spend time working with you to find the facility that will work best for you. The rehab specialists at BAC want to refer patients to a facility where they will learn to deal with normal day-to-day life and a center that will follow through with continuous patient care after completion of the treatment process. The treatment facilities BAC refers are qualified to provide treatment for co-occurring disorders which require both medical and psychiatric personnel.

Drug Rehab And Mental Health

Drug and alcohol addictions are often paired with mental health issues. The complications of one problem seems to feed the other. Co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis) need to be treated together in order to offer the greatest chance of long-term recovery. Board certified medical doctors and psychiatrists work together to build programs that integrate therapy for both drug rehab and mental health needs. Group therapy gives the patient the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from those of others. Patients discover they are not alone in the recovery process, and that provides great emotional support and encouragement.

Contact BAC at 1.800.429.7690 and speak with a rehab specialist. He or she will work with you to find the perfect rehab facility to help you with your addiction. Call today because the rest of your life is waiting.





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