Rebuilding Self Esteem After Addiction Relapse

Relapse Prevention: Rebuilding Self Esteem After Addiction Relapse

There are many challenges that recovering addicts must face in order to beat the relapse statistics. Based on the findings of a study, more than 40 percent of addicts completing their first year of sobriety will relapse. One of the hurdles that one must face is rebuilding self esteem after addiction relapse. Tips on how to rebuild your self esteem after relapsing or an addiction will be discussed in this article.


Firstly, it is important to understand the disease of addiction; it is a relapsing one and having a relapse doesn’t mean that all of your progress has been lost. In fact, many now-sober addicts relapsed multiple times before finally gaining full control over their mental disorder.

Treatment for addiction works the same as many other incurable diseases; symptoms are minimal during treatment and return once treatment stops. Treatment in this sense includes the things that a person needs to do to manage their addiction, such as going to support groups and rebuilding self esteem after addiction.

Rebuilding Self Esteem after Addiction or Relapse

If you have recently relapsed or are just coming out of rehab, then there are several things that can help you in rebuilding self esteem after addiction or relapse. The following will explore some of the tips that can help to build your self esteem.

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