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Cough Syrup Addiction

When you hear the phrase "drug addiction," you might think of addiction to marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, or methamphetamines. But would you think of cough syrup? In the United States, approximately 3 percent of teenagers engage in the abuse of cough syrup. Cough syrup addiction is a real problem for many individuals and families, and like with other drug addictions, the best way to get help is through an accredited drug treatment facility.

Facts About the Use of Cough Syrup

People become addicted to cough syrup because when taken in high doses, cough syrup can produce a strong sense of euphoria like that associated with many mood-altering substances. Some people who suffer from an addiction to cough syrup will also report that it gives them hallucinations. The chief culprit in cough syrup addiction is dextromethorphan (DMX), and most cough syrups sold in the United States are made with this particular drug. Often, cough syrup is mixed with soft drinks to improve its flavor, and it is regularly consumed in conjunction with other drugs, such as marijuana.

The Ill Effects of Cough Syrup

Because of the ill effects of too much cough syrup, there is no time to waste in getting customized treatment for a cough syrup addiction. When taken in excessive quantities, cough syrup is not a safe substance. It can result in nausea and abdominal pain. Many of those who are addicted to cough syrup become confused while under its influence, and they can end up in situations that are not safe. An addiction to cough syrup can also produce dizziness and numbness. Some of these effects can impair judgment, making those who are high on cough syrup a danger to themselves and others if they drive while under the influence.

We Are Here to Help

Our addiction recovery network includes many traditional and alternative rehab programs that have helped those who have a problem with cough syrup. Treatment is carried out under the supervision of highly trained medical personnel, and our addiction recovery specialists will work with your private insurance to help you get the most cost-effective treatment. Fill out our contact form or call today and we can help you find the right program and start healing. Successful recovery is possible with an individualized treatment plan at a facility near you, and we want to make sure that you or your loved one gets the safe, comfortable care necessary to get sober.

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