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Lakeview Behavioral Medicine, is an accredited addiction treatment facility located in Bountiful, Utah. Our facility focuses on changing the lives of those affected by drug and alcohol addiction, as well as co-occurring psychological disorders. At Lakeview Behavioral Medicine, we understand that this is a very difficult time for a newly recovering addict, especially those who have never entered into a treatment facility before. This is why we aim to do everything in our power to make these individuals as comfortable as possible so that they can begin their recovery process on a positive note. We believe in treating all addictions, as well as underlying psychological disorders that may have contributed to the birth of the addiction. We strive to help our patients build a solid foundation for a renewed and improved future. We know that any addict, despite the severity of their addiction, can recover. With the proper treatment plan in place, our patients can accomplish all of their goals and more. We understand how the disease of addiction has affected our patients mentally, physically, and spiritually. At Lakeview Behavioral Medicine, we will provide you with the support and guidance to lead you towards a path of life-long wellness and sobriety.

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  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

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Google Reviews

While the doctor I have seen myself and taken my daughter to was very nice. Their billing department is ridiculous. I took my daughter in for a bloody nose and got a bill for surgery? She's never had surgery in her life. Then they billed under the wrong numbers even though I called numerous times. Just recieved the same bill and was called by a collections company! They made sure to use all my PIP after my car accident when they did nothing other than xrays and medicine for my head, no evaluation for concussion or whiplash. Time to get Gephardt.

Lindsay Duncan, 1 month ago

I live in woods cross so this is the closest hospital to me. I have been to this hospital for almost everything I have needed when no comes to healthcare. There staff is amazing and knowledgeable, they treat you well and take care of your issues quickly when they are not busy. I understand when a hospital is busy it may take time to get to the lesser problems. Thank you for all the years of great service and I hope to continue to come here in the future. By the way o really like the remodel.

DYG1T F, 2 months ago

Clean facility, great staff that was always there and did more than I expected, and the building is remodeled. I was very upset though because 17 hours before my surgery they called and said I needed to pay $1200. I understand what they're trying to do and I respect it. But how about call as soon as the insurance approves it? I had the surgery scheduled a month early to make sure everything was ready, then they call me a day before and demand $1200. I don't find that fair. It ruined my experience with this hospital. I couldn't pay that much because I do have other bills and a mortgage to pay. I'm 19. Don't demand 1200 out of a person less than 24 hours away from the time they're getting a back surgery that was needed ever since November. UPDATE After posting this review I very quickly received a sincere apology from the patient access director Pat, she explained what was wrong and how sorry she was to hear about the situation. I fully understand and know this was just a rare occasion hopefully.

Abby Taylor, 5 months ago

I will forever be grateful for the experience my family had at Lakeview Hospital. My dad was taken to the ER and the attention and care that was given saved his life! They intently listened to our questions and were genuinely concerned about my father. The entire staff (not just the doctors and nurses) were very professional. My family was also contacted by the doctor and a nurse several days after my father had left, just to check in on him! Lakeview is a WONDERFUL hospital filled with WONDERFUL employees!

Madison Waldvogel, 6 months ago

My dad was brought here 7 weeks ago with some serious pain in his head. Turns out he had a ruptured brain aneurysm. The staff at the ER were incredible and got him the care he needed. Thankful everyday for all they did. The nurse even offered to give my dad a blessing before he had to be transferred via life flight.

Hadley Alvey, 6 months ago

Delivered my second baby at this hospital and was so very impressed and happy with my experience there. Staff was very competent (nurses delivered my baby because I got to the hospital too late and my dr wasn't able to make it) they were all beyond excellent and attentive without being obnoxious. Questions, calls, and needs were met quickly. Food was excellent (I have food allergies and they were very accommodating). Loved the smaller hospital atmosphere, it was quiet, laid back, but never lazy or incompetent. The special candle lit dinner for mom and dad was also super cute and delicious! All in all I loved it!

Holly Larsen, 6 months ago

I have so much appreciation for the care I was given at Lakeview Hospital after my hip revision surgery January 16, 2017. Because I have had other surgeries at other places I can specifically say that Lakeview is organized and efficient through the surgical process. Staying overnight one night, I felt totally cared for, watched over, helped out and pain free. I was accompanied to physical therapy...a wonderful experience to be with 8 or so other hip replacement patients experiencing the same next day excellent care and discussed the experience during exercise. My needs were met before I knew I needed something...obviously the coordination and the efficiency provides that almost just in time type of care. I appreciate the care, I feel it gave me a huge step up in recovery once I got home. I would highly recommend Lakeview to anyone considering joint replacement surgery.

Gerrine Killian, 6 months ago

I love the place. Took my brother in and front desk girl was patient and caring. I asked if they had a phone charger and she let me use her own! The other girl got water for me. Everyone I delta with was kind and caring and listened to me. My Mom and my self have been here as well and never been treated better!

Susan Russell, 1 year ago

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