Short term Rehab vs. Long term Rehab

Learn about short term rehab and how it can help you break free from addiction.

Do you have an addiction problem that you cannot control? Have you tried to stop your addictive behavior but find it difficult to accomplish? Addiction can be both psychological and physical, and you may need professional help to get and remain sober. The best place to recover from addiction is at a rehab center where addiction specialists can help you safely get off of drugs or alcohol and stay off. If you are planning to be treated at a rehab center there are choices that you should make before you enter. And the best way to make these choices for yourself, and your unique situation, is to understand the difference between short term rehab and long-term rehab centers.

Short term Rehab Centers

Short term rehab programs are best suited to people who may have a substance abuse or addiction problem. A 30 day drug rehab program will provide a medical detox to get the patient safely off of drugs or alcohol. The patient will gradually be weaned off of the substances and may experience withdrawal symptoms. The medical professionals at the center can provide medications to alleviate cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Some of the benefits of short-term residential treatment facilities are:

Some of the disadvantages of short term residential treatment facilities are:

Long-term Rehab Centers

Long-term rehab programs are usually 90-days or more. They include a medical detox, and counseling and therapy sessions to address underlying physical, mental, emotional and behavioral issues that may be contributing to the addiction. The patient will also learn relapse prevention strategies to help him stay sober after he has left the rehab center. Another important benefit for the patient is that he will be taught ways to improve his coping skills so that he does not turn to drugs or alcohol when he is feeling overwhelmed. If the patient has co-occurring mental or physical health problems, they will also be treated along with the addiction treatment. Many times addicts will try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to alleviate chronic pain issues and mental disorders like: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some patients with severe problems may require rehabilitation that exceeds one year. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends a 90-day or longer rehab program as the most effective way to get off of drugs and remain sober.

Short term residential treatment facilities work well for patients who are not challenged by severe addiction and other health problems. For these people, treatment can be effective in getting them off of drugs and alcohol, and helping them to remain sober by receiving outpatient treatment or aftercare counseling and support group meetings. Patient’s can return home to their families and jobs, and also continue their recovery treatment too. You will have to decide if short term rehab is the best choice for your situation, or if you will require the more intensive approach of a long-term rehab program. Once you have decided which program is right for you, you can begin your addiction recovery journey to sobriety and good health.