10 Signs of Addiction

How to Identify a Drug Addict: 10 Signs of Addiction

Unless you’ve had your own personal experience with addiction, you may not be able to easily see the signs that someone is on drugs. You don’t necessarily need to know the specific effects of every drug to know what to look for; there are specific physical, emotional, and behavioral signs to be aware of, if you suspect someone you know is dealing with substance abuse. Here are 10 signs of addiction:

1. Obvious physical changes

Take a closer look at your loved one’s eye. Red or dilated eyes is a common effect from either drug or alcohol use. Depending on the substance, other common signs that someone is on drugs are: runny nose, slurred speech, zoning in and out, fidgety movements or overly relaxed state, and extreme alertness or drowsiness. If you notice a difference in physical appearance, look for a connection to the other 10 signs of addiction.

2. Lack of concern for personal appearance or hygiene

Many times, an easy way on how to identify a drug addict is to compare his or her previous ways to how they are now. If you have a loved one who has stopped caring about showering, grooming, or taking care of himself, that could be one of the easiest signs that someone is on drugs to recognize.

3. Extreme or rapid weight loss

Addiction takes charge of peoples’ lives. When someone is deep in addiction, many times they spend every penny on their addictions or go on drug-binges, where they forget to eat. Looking malnourished is one of the biggest indicators out of the 10 signs of addiction

4. Isolating and withdrawal from society

If your loved one suddenly becomes withdrawn from social settings and starts exhibiting sneaky behavior, this could be a huge indication that drugs or alcohol may be a problem.

5. Problems with money

Those deep into addiction often spend all their money on getting the next fix. Many times, they will start asking to borrow money from several people. If your friend or family member seems to always have financial problems and debts to many different people, this could be one of the signs that someone is on drugs.

6. Trouble with relationships

Is your loved one having problems sustaining relationships with other family members, friends, or those at work? Out of all the 10 signs of addiction, this issue is one of the most popular. Take a look at the new people your loved one is spending time with.

7. Drugs or Alcohol are frequently a subject of conversation

When it comes to how to identify a drug addict, this sign is more obvious. If you know someone who is constantly talking or making jokes about using drugs or starts talking more and more about how he or she “needs” a drink or to be intoxicated, there could be a problem.

8. Inability to balance responsibilities

When addiction takes control, responsibilities that once were a priority, such as work, school, sports, and parenting often take a seat on the back burner.

9. Rationalizing behavior

Addicts aren’t always oblivious that they have a problem. Sometimes, the problem is known, but there is refusal to get help. Rationalizing the addiction or stating reason why it’s happening is a huge problem. If you know someone doing this, you may want to consider an intervention or encouraging he or she to seek professional help quickly.

10. Mood swings

Constant changes in mood or emotions caused by drugs or alcohol are obvious signs of addiction. The mood swings could be caused by the drugs directly or withdrawal from the substance. The crash that comes after a high or the depression or aggression from not having the next fix, or the alteration of chemicals in the brain are all reasons why mood swings occur with addiction.

These 10 signs of addiction are just a few indicators that there could be a major problem. If you believe someone you know is exhibiting any of these behaviors, encouragement to get professional help is always recommended.

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