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Am I An Alcoholic?

Anyone struggling with alcohol use or the results of drinking may have asked themselves questions about their drinking habits. Taking an alcoholism test can be a helpful way to think about the frequency of drinking or events that happen during or after drinking. Exploring alcohol use is an important and personal internal check that can help you monitor yourself for potential problems. At BetterAddictionCare, we invite you to contact us to speak with a counselor if you think you might have a problem. We can help with an alcoholic test to help you determine whether you have a drinking problem.

An "Am I an alcoholic?" quiz provides an opportunity for you to consider your habits and ask yourself questions about your drinking. The alcoholism test includes questions about situations in which you might turn to alcohol. You might find questions such as:

  • Do you drink when you are sad, depressed, or anxious?
  • Do you rush to have your first drink of the day?
  • Do you usually have a special reason for times when you drink heavily?

An alcoholic test also asks questions about things that may happen when you are drinking, such as:

  • Do you have memory blackouts?
  • Do you keep drinking after companions stop?
  • Do you ever have extra drinks apart from companions when you drink with others?
  • Do you hide details about drinking from family and friends?

Other questions delve into common feelings or problems connected with drinking, such as:

  • Do you ever feel remorse or guilt after drinking?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable if alcohol is unavailable?
  • Do you have trouble managing your responsibilities because of drinking?
  • Has anyone ever expressed concern about your drinking habits?

Your answers to the alcoholism quiz can identify potential problems with an alcohol addiction. Generally, an "Are you an alcoholic?" quiz assigns points to the answers for each question. When you finish the test, you add up the points for your answers. Your final score indicates whether it's likely that you have a drinking issue.

If an alcoholism test score suggests a possible addiction, BetterAddictionCare can help you get sober and start healing. We offer personal and professional pre-screening that is customized so we can recommend the best treatment center for every patient. We'll help you find safe and comfortable treatment facilities in our nationwide recovery network that offer immediate inpatient admissions, and it's likely that one is located near you. After you finish treatment, we offer after-treatment support services from our highly trained staff.

At BetterAddictionCare, we are committed to helping people overcome drug and alcohol addictions. We also offer education and support for friends and family members who are suffering along with the addicted. If an alcoholism quiz indicates a possible addiction, call today or fill out our contact form to take the first step toward addiction recovery. Our services are 100 percent confidential, and our professional client care specialists are highly trained to help you successfully overcome your addiction.

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