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Facial Changes in Drug Users Over Time

Drug abuse has a negative impact on many aspects of a user’s life. Personal relationships, mental well-being, and physical appearance are just a few of those areas affected by the recreational use of illegal substances. The physical toll drugs take on a human body can be quite shocking and often range from weight loss to open sores and scabs on the face.

To better visualize the physical impact of common drugs such as cocaine and heroine, we decided to take a look at mugshots of American citizens who have been charged with possession and see how their appearance changed over time. The results were haunting.

As you can tell by the images above, changes can happen rapidly -- or occur more gradually over time. Some of the physical signs of drug addiction include changes in appetite, broken teeth, loss of skin elasticity, drastic weight loss, rapid aging, widespread sores from picking, and pale skin tone. If you have a suspicion that a loved one might be addicted to drugs, the best step to take is to seek expert advice. Better Addiction Care can act as an unbiased resource. We’ll fully assess the addict’s condition and find a treatment facility that is right for the individual.

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