Recovering From Substance Abuse in Logan County, OH

In breaking free from substance abuse, there is usually no single solution or clear-cut approach. A tailor-fit program comprised of various treatments and interventions is best to effectively overcome addiction, and this can only be provided by professionals and experts. If you are living in Logan County, Ohio, there are trusted rehab facilities that can offer these kinds of services.

Addiction Care Facilities in Logan County, Ohio

If you are currently battling substance abuse, professional help and immediate intervention are just a click or phone call away. Choose the right facility that provides the best solutions toward your goal of attaining sobriety. Better Addiction Care centers in Logan Country, OH, offer the best rehabilitation facilities and the most effective approaches to substance abuse through services and programs such as inpatient or outpatient rehab, drug and alcohol detox, counselling and therapy, and many others. Check out the listing below and find the location that is right for you.

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Rehab and Treatment Centers in Logan, Ohio

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Health Recovery Services
141 South Spring Street, Logan, Ohio, 43138
PRISM Behavioral Healthcare
12888 Grey Street, Logan, Ohio, 43138
TASC of Southeast Ohio
12877 Grey Street, Logan, Ohio, 43138

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