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rehabs in Miami

If you’re after the best rehabs in Miami to deal with your addiction condition, Better Addiction Care can serve as your guide. Finding the optimal treatment center can make a difference in the treatment quality and the overall rehabilitation experience. Here are seven top rehab centers in Miami that may be of interest:

  1. United Recovery Project – Providing addiction treatment for drug and alcohol abuse via pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, counseling, and numerous other modalities. They also specialize in dealing with co-occurring mental disorders, including internalized traumas, PTSD, depression, etc.
  2. Summer House Detox Center – A detox facility specializing in medical detox, providing patients with medication and psychotherapy to overcome the withdrawal. It doesn’t offer follow-up treatment.
  3. New Horizons Community – A center with plenty of rehab programs available, including a residential program, case management, crisis intervention screening, homeless program, psychosocial rehabilitative services, and much more. It is a well-rounded facility, providing extensive rehab care and recovery assistance.
  4. Banyan Health Systems – It is one of the leading addiction treatment centers near me, providing a full range of rehab services. These include primary care, behavioral health, pharmacy services, case management, a mobile health unit, etc.
  5. Retreat Behavioral Health Service – One of the premier Miami rehab centers, focusing on comprehensive recovery services. Some of the treatment modalities available include mental health assistance, inpatient and outpatient programs, holistic healing procedures, etc. They even include a pregnancy program for pregnant women dealing with drug or alcohol abuse.
  6. All Points North Lodge – This center promotes physical and mental health via specific recovery programs. It is the ideal choice if you’re dealing with severe addiction conditions that require an out-of-the-box approach.
  7. Adaptive Center – A state-of-the-art facility promoting comprehensive rehab services, including psychosocial therapy, psychiatric services, PHP, IOP, family therapy sessions, etc. The facility is one of the finest options if you seek an outpatient-basis center to deal with your addiction while still remaining socially active.

How will our services help you?

We have the best connections in the business, working with some of the greatest institutions in the field. Our goal is to guide you towards the rehab treatment you need before your condition aggravates any further. To achieve that, we assess your condition, seek the best corresponding facility, and put you in contact with their qualified professionals.

This approach will allow for a targeted strategy that connects patients with the exact programs and treatment modalities they need. Some of the things we look for when seeking for the ideal rehabs in Miami include:

  • Staff expertise, attitude, and overall experience
  • Available modalities and amenities
  • A full range of rehab programs for a well-rounded rehab experience (inpatient care, detox, dual diagnosis treatment, outpatient programs, etc.)
  • The rehab center’s success rates
  • Our previous interactions and experience with the center, etc.

Better Addiction Care is a leading rehab service provider, helping patients find the rehab programs that will set them on a straight path in life. If you wish to speak to a professional, our helpline is available at 800-429-7690. Call, check your insurance and rely on our experts to handle your situation as best they can.

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