Five Staying Sober Tips

Learn how to stay sober from drugs and find inspiration in living a sober life.

Those who are new to recovery tend to experience a wide range of emotions once they complete a treatment program and return home to resume normal life. Getting clean and sober feels great mentally and physically. There is pride felt with each milestone that is achieved in recovery, as it is a big accomplishment. However, it can also be a confusing time. Newly sober individuals must learn how to return to normal life and deal with responsibilities, social situations, stress, careers, and other obligations completely sober for the first time in a long time, which can rouse feelings of vulnerability, insecurity, and even fear.  Like with almost everything, recovery takes time to get used to. Staying sober tips and staying sober quotes can provide some direction as well as motivation to maintain recovery and live a productive and sober life.

If you or someone you love is newly sober and pondering how to stay sober from drugs, check out these staying sober tips:

  • Realize that how you are feeling is normal. Early recovery is a very sensitive time emotionally. Your feelings must be dealt with now that you are sober because they are no longer masked by drugs or alcohol.  This can be overwhelming, depressing, and may even spark resentment and grief. This is due to no longer having the crutch of drug addiction to numb emotions you may not feel equipped to deal with. Feeling this way is completely normal and will eventually lessen. Acknowledging that these feelings are typical during this stage will help you continue to move forward and work toward managing your recovery in a healthy way.
  • Stay in therapy. How to stay sober from drugs? Therapy is also a powerful tool to keep you on track in your recovery. Relationships with family members, friends, coworkers, and even romantic ones can be stressful or in need of repair during this stage of recovery. You will need to learn an effective strategy to resolve conflicts in ways that are healthy instead of reaching for drugs or alcohol. Continuing therapy will help provide you with tools for coping and healing.
  • Healing doesn’t happen immediately upon leaving rehab. Everyone needs to exercise patience as healing takes place naturally. This includes those in recovery as well as their family members. This stage of recovery is not easy – in addition to unstable emotions, newly sober individuals often suffer from insomnia, may feel like they are crawling out of their skin, and as though things will never improve. This is normal; it is best not to beat yourself up mentally because recovery is slow going. If you want to feel like you are making progress, expose yourself to new things, plan a trip, and explore a new hobby.
  • Read staying sober quotes for inspiration. Finding thoughtful motivation can really make you feel empowered: Sobriety is not an anchor – it’s a pair of wings! For more staying sober quotes, visit: Inspirational Quotes Magazine.
  • Avoid temptation. One of the most challenging staying sober tips, success with this one is winning half the battle. Avoid being around substances. You have nothing to prove, and trying to prove that you can avoid temptation when it is right in front of you is dangerous. Situations that place you in the path of temptation can be unexpected emotional triggers.

Staying sober takes courage and hard work. There are ways to reduce the risk for relapse through education and effort. Through long term determination and commitment to staying sober, many recovering addicts manage their recovery successfully through participation in therapy, utilizing a support network, maintaining structure and a routine, and spending time with people who are encouraging and also substance abuse free. Staying sober tips and staying sober quotes remain helpful tools in the recovery arsenal.




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