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“Cocaine” is a word that is easily recognized as the name of an addictive stimulant. Although it has some medical use and may be used by physicians, it is otherwise an illegal drug. Because it is illegal, those who purchase it do so through dealers that often use aliases or street names for the drug. People who may not be familiar with cocaine street names are often unaware of or unfamiliar with these names. This can be problematic for anyone who suspects that a friend or loved one may be abusing or addicted to the drug. As a result, it isn’t uncommon for the family and friends of addicts to ask, “What are the street names for cocaine?”

While some of the names used as aliases for cocaine may seem random, others are more obvious. If you find yourself asking the question, “What are the street names for cocaine?” consider the appearance of the drug, which is often a white, powdery substance. As a result, a street name for cocaine may mention the word white, or it may mention snow or some other reference to its powder-like nature. Street names that reflect cocaine’s appearance include “Snow White,” “flake,” “snow,” “white powder,” “white,” “blanca,” “powder,” and “icing.” When cocaine is in its hard crystalline form, it is off-white or beige in color and may look like chips, pellets, or blocks. This form of cocaine is called freebase cocaine and is popularly known as crack or crack cocaine. Street names that reflect the appearance of crack cocaine include “rocks,” “biscuits,” “cookies,” “candy,” “cubes,” “crumbs,” and “stones.”

Other cocaine street names may seem more random, though some have origins in how the drug was used historically. “Coke” is a street name for cocaine, as is the word “cola.” Both words refer to the fact that in the 1800s, cocaine, in the form of an extract from the leaf of the coca plant, was an ingredient in the popular soft drink Coca-Cola (it was removed in 1903). Other street names, such as “nose candy,” “snort,” “blow,” and “sniff,” are associated with how the drug is used. “Aunt Nora,” “Charlie,” “paradise,” and “mojo” are also names that are commonly given to cocaine, although their roots are less clear than other nicknames. Additional street names for freebase cocaine include “base,” “apple jacks,” “jelly beans,” “prime time,” and “rock star.”

Knowing the street names for cocaine can help when it comes to determining if a loved one is abusing or addicted to the drug. If you discover that a loved one is using cocaine or if you are dealing with a substance abuse disorder yourself, get help now by calling BetterAddictionCare. We work with a nationwide recovery network, making it easier to find the right one to meet your needs. We can help you find a cost-effective solution that’s best for you in an environment that is safe, comfortable, and private. Facilities in our network feature a variety of detox and treatment programs, including alternative rehab programs and addiction counseling. The treatment centers in our addiction recovery network are home to highly trained professionals who will help create and customize a treatment plan for you. To find the right center near you, call today or fill out our contact form.

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