8 Sober Things to Do This Weekend

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Sober Things to Do This Weekend That are Healthy and Fun

Drug and alcohol relapse is one of the biggest concerns facing people who have decide to quit substance abuse, usually with the help of an addiction treatment center. The first year of recovery has the highest rates of relapse: between 40 and 60 percent relapse rates. Free time is often when cravings become more difficult to handle than when you are busy with work or school. Weekends may have been a time that you took the most drugs or alcohol before, but now you may be left wondering what you can do. There are many sober things to do over the weekend that are fun in recovery activities.

1. Visit a Public Place

Places like the aquarium, the zoo and public gardens may be the perfect place to go this weekend. It is one of the sober things to do that doesn’t cost too much money, and can easily be enjoyed with family or friends of all ages.

2. Volunteering

Oftentimes, there may be a lot to make up for after an addiction. One of the ways that you can feel better about the things you did before is to help those in need by volunteering. It is one of the sober things to do that can really give back to your community. Find such places by searching locally online. At first, keep your commitments short so that you can experience various volunteering positions.

3. Begin an Online Course

Learning new skills is never a bad idea, especially if you were out of the job market for a time due to previous substance abuse. Another of the sober things to do over the weekend is start a new online course in something that can benefit your career or just interests you in general. Learn how to take professional photos or how to create music. The choices are near endless.

4. Invite Friends Over for Potluck

Normally people bring completed dishes to a potluck, but making the food with your friends can be one of the things to do instead of drinking at night. Have them bring ingredients and create interesting and delicious dishes together.

5. Host a Film Festival

Are you a film nut? Hosting a film festival is one of the things to do instead of drinking at night. Invite family and friends to join you on a themed movie night where you explore classics and new movies alike.

6. Spruce up Your Garden

Among the fun in recovery activities to do over a weekend is gardening, and it helps to bring you outside and working on something that can bring you joy for years to come. As gardeners will tell you, getting down in the dirt and creating living art is a great way to spend free time that ends up being very rewarding.

7. Join a Sport Club

Sports can not only help to keep your mind off of substance abuse but it can help you to get the exercise you need to be healthy and improve your mood. There are many sporting clubs around that you can join that can get you back doing a sport that you loved before. Maybe you want to try a new sport such as kayaking, handball or scuba diving.

8. Go to Gym

Another way to get the exercise you need while meeting new people is through a gym. There are many fun classes that one can join that take you out of boring exercise and put you with a group of people doing fun activities.

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