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AA Meetings in Prescott, Arizona

Alcohol addiction is a physical, psychological, and social problem. While the physical and psychological issues associated with alcohol dependency can be effectively addressed in a professional alcohol rehab program, the social issues a person faces that led to the addiction need to be addressed on an ongoing basis after rehabilitation. That is where groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) come in. Men and women who have successfully completed rehab find continuing support for staying clean in AA meetings, and if you are a resident of Prescott, AZ, there are AA meetings that can help you.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Approach

Prescott AA meetings are conducted in line with the overall philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA asks addicts to admit their ongoing problem with alcohol and then turn to a higher power and their fellow recovering addicts for assistance in beating their addiction. The overall approach has proven so effective that professional alcohol rehabilitation centers, such as those that are a part of the Better Addiction Care recovery network, frequently recommend that addicts attend AA meetings after completing inpatient treatment. Prescott, AZ, AA meetings are filled with men and women who have completed rehab, and in these meetings, these recovering addicts receive accountability from others and can themselves be resources to other recovering alcoholics by sponsoring them in the program.

Other Support Options

Of course, some people have found that 12-step programs such as AA are not the right option for their needs. Thankfully, there are many other options for ongoing alcohol recovery besides Prescott AA meetings. Other community groups, such as churches, synagogues, and mosques can provide recovery assistance, and there are also several civic organizations that can help. If Prescott, AZ, AA meetings aren't the right fit for you, that doesn't have to hinder you from getting ongoing support. When you work with Better Addiction Care, your recovery team will be there to help you get the aftercare assistance that you need.

Finding Treatment and Lasting Recovery

At Better Addiction Care, we specialize in providing 100 percent confidential assistance to match people with the right treatment options. While AA can be a great option for after rehab, it's not nearly as effective if you try to use it as your sole means of recovery, and that's why we're here to help you through the entire process of getting sober, from locating a customized treatment program to providing you with a recovery team after that program ends. Our addiction recovery network includes the top inpatient programs near you, all of which combine professional, medically supervised treatment with addiction counseling. We can assist you in finding care both during and after the rehab process. Call today to speak with a counselor, or fill out our contact form for more help in securing treatment and aftercare.

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