Reasons Why a 30 Day Alcohol Detox Might Be Right

Written by Chloe Nicosia

The Major Benefits of a 30 Day Alcohol Detox

Alcoholism affects an average of 15.1 million Americans each year, yet only about 1.3 million Americans will seek the professional help they need. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, it is essential to your health and future that you seek professional help as soon as possible. A 30 day alcohol detox may be exactly what you need.

5 Reasons to Consider a 30 Day Alcohol Detox

1). Medically monitored detox takes the alcohol out of your system.

The first step to any 30 day rehabilitation program is detoxification. Detox from alcohol usually lasts from a few days to several weeks. This will be the first part of your 30 day program, and it will eliminate the alcohol from your system so that you can have a clear mind and heart as you move forward in your rehab.

2). One-on-one therapy helps you get to the bottom of your struggles with alcohol.

One of the most crucial elements of rehabilitation is one-on-one therapy with a skilled and experienced addiction therapist. Together, you and your therapist can create a treatment program that caters to your unique needs.

During individual sessions, your therapist will guide you with questions and prompts to help you get to the bottom of your addiction. At many rehab centers, dual diagnosis is also offered in order to address any underlying mental health disorders that may be present alongside addiction.

3). Group therapy offers support and encouragement.

In addition to one-on-one therapy, group therapy sessions are also available during 30 day programs. During these sessions, a therapist will prompt the group with questions or ideas and then let individual members talk and converse amongst themselves.

Group therapy offers a safe and comfortable environment where patients can openly share their ideas with other individuals who are often going through similar experiences. Group members can support each other and offer mutual compassion and encouragement on their respective paths toward recovery.

4). The duration of the program is ideal for most individuals.

Unlike 7 day alcohol rehab programs, 30 day rehab programs allow you to stay on the facility’s campus long enough to go through detox and attend several weeks of therapy and counseling. Furthermore, research has shown that 7 day alcohol rehab programs are simply not long enough to actually withdrawal from alcohol.

5). But treatment can also be extended as needed.

Of course, sometimes more than 30 days is necessary to completely withdrawal from alcohol and achieve full sobriety. In this case, nearly all 30 day programs offer extensions to those patients who need it.

What Is the Alcohol Rehab Cost?

Understanding alcohol rehab cost can be a challenge because all rehabilitation facilities charge different services. The good news is that there are numerous options for payment. If you can’t pay out-of-pocket, most rehabilitation centers will work with your insurance company to cover your fees. If you don’t have health insurance that will cover the program that you’re considering, there are often payment plans or financial aid programs available as well.

Getting Help for Alcoholism

If you are interested in learning more about 30 day alcohol detox, contact Better Addiction Care at your earliest convenience. We offer information on alcoholism and other serious addictions, and we can help you find a 30 day alcohol detox program that will fit your specific needs.