What NOT To Say To Someone In Recovery

It’s Important To Know What NOT To Say To Someone In Recovery

When a person is in recovery from any type of addiction, each day can be a challenge. Family and friends often overstep boundaries when talking to someone going through this struggle, and they need to know what not to say to someone in recovery.

What NOT To Say To Someone In Recovery

If you have a family member, friend, or co-worker in addiction recovery, don’t make their challenge more difficult by making inappropriate comments about it. Learn what not to say to someone in recovery so that you can be an encouragement to his or her efforts.

When talking to a friend or family member in recovery, stay on positive issues and not his or her problems with addiction.

How To Help An Addict

If you have wondered how to help an addict in a positive and encouraging way, the following tips will help.

How To Help Someone With Alcoholism

Do you have a family member who is a heavy drinker, and you need to know how to help someone with alcoholism? There are things to do and not do when it comes to alcohol abuse.

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