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Located in Bakersfield, California, Teen Challenge offers treatment for Addiction, Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse. The addiction specialists at our multi-licensed treatment facility administers a comprehensive assessment to the patient in order to determine the best course of action for their treatment plan. In these treatment plans, we teach addicts how to develop coping skills so that they can learn to deal with any situation that comes their way without resorting to drugs or alcohol as a means for a temporary escape. It is within these coping skills that will ensure the success of an addict’s recovery. At Teen Challenge, we believe that anyone can recover, despite how deep they are in their addiction. We will do everything in our power to help our patients heal from the wounds inflicted by addiction. We are here to help break the cycle of addiction so that our patients can get their lives back on track.

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  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

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Google Reviews

I knew and was involved with Rev. Harald Bredesen for 15 yrs. Harald helped David Wilkerson & Nicky Cruz fund Teen Challenge 57 yrs. ago. It was established on Godly principals and is one of the most successful rehabs in the world. Unfortunately, I had to experience it first hand when my daughter fell into the trappings of Meth. From taking one hit at a party, over night she went from being a A student, equestrian rider/jumper for 6 years, to now living on the streets, contracting MERSA and almost died ( a true miracle she's not dead) getting arrested and was sentenced to 6 months in jail. When she served her jail time she was required to do 6 months of rehab. She choose Teen Challenge. After fulfilling her 6 months commitment she said I did my 6 months for the court, now I'm doing 6 months for me & God. Not only was she the happiest I've ever seen, she's been clean for over 7 years now. Teen Challenge doesn't brain wash you as I saw someone post, it's God & Bible principled and they don't turn you away if you're broke. As long as you have a true desire to get clean and willing help do some fundraisers to help offset your expenses you're good. You are free to leave at anytime, in fact, she left 3 Teen Challenges after checking in, 2 the same day I checked her in. Amazing what 6 months in Jail can do in giving you a new perspective on life. If you sincerely want to be free of drugs and alcohol this is the place. God is good.

John F, 3 months ago

Its a cool location people always polite

Omar Cazares, 3 months ago

I do not think I would have my daughter if it wasn't for teen challenge. It doesn't have the fancy pools and landscape that a lot of the 30 day rehabs do. What it does have is your loved ones best chance of a recovery from their daily fight to use or not. To stop the lies and stealing or worse. They have support from people that have been there before you. My daughter had been through 4 other rehabs that we're offering her the pool and rec room but even after all of them she would relaps after only 5-6 months. Teen challenge was her last chance to save her from herself and she has been clean and sober since the day she stepped in the front door. She now has a gorgeous baby girl and one on the way. She has an education but most of all she has a loving family and we are all greatfull for the help that teen challenge gave her. The 30 day or 90 day programs just do not have enough time to get them to think differently when that stressful time comes and they want to run back to what worked for them but with teen challenge they have a year clean and sober so they do have the healthy alternative

Deborah Iriguchi, 6 months ago

Teen challenge saved my life. Drugs and the lifestyle that comes with it are very hardcore. It takes much more than cush sayings and living to bring a person out of that life. Here you get God. You learn great work ethic because that is a skill everyone needs to be able to give them self half a chance. Did I mention that it was free of cost for a whole year?! Enough said, my life was a mess. I'm proof this place is miraculous when it comes to transformed lives.

Veronica Burns, 1 year ago

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