Signs of an Alcoholic

Are you an alcoholic? Learn the signs and how detox/rehabs can help you

Addiction to alcohol can create many negative effects on your physical and mental health. When you consistently drink alcohol you may feel like all your problems have disappeared, but you will soon discover that you may have created new problems for yourself. The adverse effects of alcohol addiction may take time to surface, but eventually they will become a reality. There are more than sixty different diseases that are directly linked to alcohol addiction, and some damage or impairment may become permanent. If you are an alcoholic, you can receive recovery treatment to help you overcome your addiction. If you suspect a loved one may be addicted to alcohol, here are some signs of an alcoholic to watch for:

  1. Alcohol is a depressant and the alcoholic may begin to develop depression as a result of his drinking. . If your loved one is becoming depressed more frequently and for longer periods of time, he may have depression caused by the alcohol. Depression is one of the signs of an alcoholic personality. If an alcoholic has pre-existing clinical depression, consuming alcohol will only make his condition worse. He may be drinking in an attempt to self-medicate his mental symptoms of depression, but alcohol will makes episodes of depression more severe and more frequent
  2. Are you an alcoholic? Another one of the signs of an alcoholic to keep an eye out for is having delayed reflexes. Alcohol affects neurotransmission functions from the brain to the body, and delayed reflexes are a result of this effect. As one of the signs of an alcoholic personality, neurotransmission impairment can cause stumbling, trouble walking, and having an uneasy gait. Poor balance can cause falls and accidents, and the alcoholic may have cuts and bruises on his body. Serious falls can result in broken bones, concussions etc. The alcoholic may also have slurred speech.
  3. If your loved one is constantly getting hangovers, it may be one of the signs of an alcoholic personality. If you notice that your loved one doesn’t feel good in the morning, has headaches and hangovers, this could be a red flag. Many addicts try to hide their symptoms because they do not want to admit that they have a substance abuse problem, but you should be able to see if he is not acting right in the morning.
  4. Signs of an alcoholic personality also include the addict neglecting his duties and responsibilities. As the addict begins to get high more often, and then has to recover from his high, he will not have the time or strength to perform like he did before. He may begin to let duties fall to the wayside and neglect family responsibilities, schoolwork or his performance on the job. This type of behavior can create problems that could result in the addict losing his job, and having family or marital problems.
  5. If you are an alcoholic, you may binge drink often. Binge drinking is a dangerous behavior, because alcohol is toxic to the body and high levels of it in the body can cause alcohol poisoning. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning are: trouble breathing, slow heart rate, confusion, vomiting, extremely low body temperature, seizures, dulled responses, unconsciousness, coma and death. If your loved one is experiencing these symptoms he will require immediate medical attention.
  6. Another one of the signs of an alcoholic is having blackouts or becoming unconscious. A blackout is alcohol-induced amnesia, and the alcoholic will not remember any events that occurred during a blackout. Passing out or unconsciousness is caused by consuming too much alcohol, which can have life-threatening consequences.
  7. Alcohol dulls the brain, and rational thinking and common sense can be impaired while drunk. Hostility and aggression occur more often when drunk, among individuals who have a high disposition for these personality traits. This is one of the disturbing signs of an alcoholic personality that can result in spousal and child abuse.

If you are an alcoholic, or your loved one is exhibiting signs of an alcoholic personality, there is treatment available at an alcohol rehab center. You will be able to gain sobriety, and learn how to retain it if you commit to the process of an alcohol recovery program. We can help you with your search.








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