What Do Bath Salts Do?

What Do Bath Salts Do: Bath Salt Effects and Long Term Effects of Bath Salts

Bath salts have appeared in the news a lot in recent months due to a number of instances in which bath salts drug effects were very apparent. While many people know about the strange behaviors bath salts can cause when used in high doses, an equally large number of people have found themselves asking the question: what do bath salts do? While it can be hard to imagine that substance abusers can enjoy the bath salt effects, it’s use and abuse have grown more and more commonplace in recent years. In this article, we are going to look at bath salts drug effects, and the long term effects of bath salts.

What Do Bath Salts Do: Symptoms of Bath Salt Use

While bath salts are very addicting, there are a number of different “desirable” effects that the drug has on users. However, similarly to other addictive substances, the negative side effects far outweigh the positive benefits. Generally speaking, bath salts are usually stimulants, and much like cocaine and methamphetamines, its use and abuse is usually accompanied by euphoria and increased energy. So aside from the “desirable” effects, what are the immediate bath salt effects, and the symptoms of bath salt use? With bath salt abuse comes an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and potentially dangerous thoughts such as suicidal ideations. In addition, chest pains, increased agitation, kidney pain, nausea, paranoia, and confusion are relatively common symptoms of bath salt use.

One of the other major effects of bath salts is hallucinations. The drugs sudden increase in notoriety is largely attributed to the strange actions users engage in during these hallucinations, and unfortunately their actions generally cause substance abusers a great deal of harm. In fact, we cannot stress enough how negative the effects of bath salt fueled hallucinations are. While the idea of seeing and hearing unreal things may seem enjoyable, we assure you that the hallucinations experienced while using bath salts, similarly to PCP hallucinations, are far from enjoyable.

What Do Bath Salts Do: Long Term Bath Salts Drug Effects

While the short term bath salt effects can be scary and potentially dangerous, the long term effects of bath salts can be detrimental to someone’s health and potentially deadly as well. Similarly to hard drugs like heroin and methamphetamine, a person is considered lucky if they manage to survive a few encounters with the drug, and they are almost certainly teasing death by using the drug regularly.

Some of the longer term effects of bath salts include: skin rashes, intense muscle cramping, skin-crawling sensations, excessive sweating, high fevers, loss of feeling, loss of appetite, sexual dysfunction, ringing ears, brain herniation or increased pressure in the skull, rapid involuntary eye movement, blurred vision, seizures, and heart attacks. Each one of these bath salts effects can have lasting effects on an addict’s body and mind. It is extremely important that anyone experiencing these symptoms seeks help immediately, before it’s too late.

In fact, one of the most common long term effects of bath salts is an inability for the body to regulate its own temperature. While this happens almost immediately when a person ingests the drug, it can turn into a much more permanent effect when the drug is abuse regularly. This is a commonly cited reason for bath salt users’ tendency to strip their clothes off while high.

What Do Bath Salts Do: What to Look for If You Think a Loved One is Abusing Bath Salts

While most drugs do not come in professionally made packaging, bath salts are commonly sold in smoke shops and other similarly marketed stores. For the most part these products will be sold as fancily named spices, such as: blue silk, zoom, ivory wave, purple wave, red dove, white lightning, cloud nine, and various other names. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the fancy names and packaging, these products are still illicit drugs that can cause irreparable damage to the human body.

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