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Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana

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Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana

Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana is located in Lafayette, Louisiana.
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Google Reviews

I think it's a good place,if you have insurance and know how to talk to doctors and other people,you have to help ur self.if u want or need something talk about it.

jared broussard, 2 years ago

I’m not in anyway trying to undermine any one who had a terrible experience there. I am truly sorry that you were made to feel looked down on just as I’m sure many people have already made you and pretty much all addicts feel that every day. However it surprises me because I could not have had a better experience than the one I found there. From the beginning the owner Bruce and the receptionist Leah were so kind and so sincere with me. From the very first time I met either one of them, they made a point of trying to put me at ease. I thought it was so great because I was expecting them to be dismissive and treat me like I did not even deserve common courtesy as that is typical with people when they find out I have an addiction. I lost mostly everything and everyone that loved me because of my addiction. They do not treat you any differently or with any less respect in my opinion. Dr. Dykes was my first doctor there. I saw him for several months and he was wonderful. He truly just wants to help people and you can see how beautiful of a person he is just being in the same room with him. My second doctor there that I started seeing a couple of months ago is Dr. Cory. Dr. Cory is also a beautiful person and unbelievably kind. I began seeing Dr. Cory instead of Dr. Dykes simply because Dr. Cory also deals with depression problems where as Dr. Dykes simply treats opioid addiction‘s. Both doctors were extremely kind and in my opinion were very concerned with working with me and finding a way to help me pull myself back up. I feel like both doctors treated me with dignity and absolutely feel like they went above and beyond their due diligence. The office manager is Ellen. She as well has never been anything but kind to me and has on more than one occasion either bent the rules or did anything that she could possibly do to help me if I needed it. Ellen is a very hard worker and I have never felt like she in anyway looks down on me. Believe me I am an unbelievably paranoid person and always has been. So if I didn’t feel judged I’m fairly sure that her kindness was genuine and she wasn’t just faking being kind and respectful towards me every time I saw her. Last but not least I would like to share a little bit about my experiences with the owner who is named Bruce and my counselor Donna. Bruce walks in every day and in all the times I’ve been there I have never seen him forget someone’s name or just pass them by and keep walking. He Will stop and talk to every single person in that waiting room. He knows their names, he knows what’s going on in their lives, he even knows what kind of substance abuse problem each individual person is struggling with and is nothing but motivational as far as I’ve seen. Now Donna is a whole different story. One of the best things that ever happened to me was being introduced to Donna Bergeron. She has had a life very similar to many of the people in there and has struggled with many things in her lifetime. For her it gives her even more empathy for what her patients are going through but at the same time she is tough enough on them because she wants nothing more than for them to succeed and be happy and healthy. I cannot even tell you how many times she has gone out of her way to help me simply because she wanted to or because I needed it. I feel in many ways like she is probably the only person that truly understands not only what I’m going through now but also who I was before, all of the events leading up to who I became, and lastly she is ALWAYS there even if I just need to cry. What I’m trying to say is in my opinion they are wonderful people. That’s why I truly believe that they are all there simply to help you recover your freedom from the grasp of addiction. In my heart I know if I hadn’t found them, I would be dead or in jail by now.

Samantha Tullia, 2 years ago

Great Service

Donna Bergeron, 3 years ago

Watch out for their "unusual" practices with your insurance company. Yes, they begin with compassion, but become really money hungry and all caring goes out the window. I would rate them an additional star or two for the counselors and physician, but the administration/business personnel are rude and shady.

Jeanne Louviere, 6 years ago

Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana is a reputable and accredited addiction treatment facility in Lafayette, Louisiana. The goal of Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana is to change the life of an addict for the better by giving the proper guidance and treatment methods required for a successful recovery.

Treating addictions, whether to drugs or alcohol, requires conducting a thorough patient assessment in order to determine what sort of treatment program will benefit the patient the most. Constructing a future that is free of alcohol and drug use begins with a solid foundation and that foundation can be found at Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana.

After meeting with an addiction counselor, the patient will get a customized treatment plan just for them and their unique case.

By developing coping mechanisms throughout treatment, patients can reenter society feeling confident and assured which is essential when wanting to maintain long-lasting sobriety. Accomplishing the end goal of obtaining sustained sobriety is possible with the help of professional treatment.

The disease of addiction is a serious one and one that requires intense treatment in order to overcome. By providing the support and guidance needed as well as providing comprehensive treatment, patients will have the opportunity to begin a new more promising life path. There is a life beyond substance abuse, but it takes the help of professional addiction treatment in order to discover that new life.

It’s never too late to attend treatment. Whether the patient has been an addict for one year or five years, the addiction counselors at Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana can help. With innovative treatment options available to patients, the chances of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction are likely, but it also requires the dedication and positive mindset of the individual in order to obtain long-lasting recovery.

At Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana, quality treatment is never compromised. With the guidance and support of compassionate staff members, patients will feel content when they enter treatment at Freedom Recovery Center Of Acadiana.It’s time to take control of the life being lived and seeking treatment is the best decision to take.

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